is a message that is
delivered in a visual form,
a transmission of emotions by
means of image, animation or
multimedia content.

Our first rule

We love to keep it simple. We go straight to the point, avoid punctuation, articles and all the other words unnecessary for comprehension of the message.

We enjoy to sit and talk with our customers, to explore with passion the core idea behind their projects: we love to translate their unbuilt environments into visions, and communicate them to their target audience in the most effective way.



Telegram71 is a flexible entity, working efficiently to design and produce top quality images, CGI films and media as well as marketing materials.
From modeling process, through the creation of photorealistic materials and light environments, we work hard to reproduce realism in the most accurate and authentic way.

As trained architects, we have watchful eyes for details and composition; we are able to support the design process and decisions and possibly fill in with elegance any design gap, both in small and large scale projects.
Our passion for technology allows us to work with the most recent software. We have a never ending commitment to be updated about, and take advantage of, the global advancement of the most recent tools and strategies leading to keep our customers satisfied.

watchful eyes for
details and composition


In our offices in the heart of Vienna and Venice we love to have fun. Taking precision to the next level by adding magic and wonder, is the way we enjoy our day at work, and the key that allows us to create unique contents.

As 3D artists and compositors, we always like to explore new scenarios, to invent new stories, to find new visual solutions which create a strong bond between our clients and their target audience. No matter if it´s a competition, an advertising campaign, an educational purpose, a technical presentation or just an internal decision process: it´s all about telling an ever new story.